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Grade: A
Price: 5.45 €

Grade: B
Price: 4.85 €

Grade: C
Price: 3.95 €

For detailed offer send your inquiries to our sales department - [email protected]
Origin: Bulgaria


  1. Quality guarantee
    We created very strict quality control during all process of the products. Starting from collecting, delivering, cleaning, sorting, drying / frying / preserving, packing, storing e.t.c. IFS, GlobalGAP and ISO:22000 are just part from our quality control system
  2. Suitable freight
    Depending on the characteristic of the goods our logistic department arranges road, sea, air or combined freight. Just let us know the goods that you need and your final destination and we will be back with the best freight solution!
  3. Open futures supplies
    Because of nature origin of the goods the planning of the harvest it's almost impossible. The prices varieties are 2 or 3 times depending on the harvest. That's why we start to sign long term open futures contracts. With this kind contract you can be sure in your supplies during the whole year!
  4. Flexability
    Following the global dynamic economic we are getting to be as much as possible flexible. We are always open to discuss and change our regular payment terms, agreed prices and quantities in order to give you best ratio of price / quality.
  5. Relatable
    Our satisfied customers will confirm that we are one of the most relatable mushrooms supplier on the Balkans. If you are not one of them, do not waste your time and try us!
  6. Young team
    Our team is with young and high motivated people. The average ages of our team is 30 years! High educated with quite good experience on the field with agriculture products.